Friday, June 17, 2016

Judaica Bookplates for Possible Exchange

From time to time I post duplicates for possible exchange.It is a good way to add items to my collection and meet new collectors.
 I also have duplicates in the following categories :
18th century American
Notable people
Theatrical and Cinema
I can send scans by category to anyone who contacts me.

 Just added a duplicate of Erich Cohn's bookplate by Hermann Struck along with one used by congressman Emanuel Celler
Erich Cohn No longer available
The Emanuel Celler Bookplate is no longer available

                                                                  Marcus Adler No Longer available
Hebrew College Brookline No longer Available
                Joseph Klein No Longer available--
                                                     -Heinrich Loewe no longer available

Note: one side of the David Wolffsohn bookplate is closely trimmed

The Lilien Plate is no longer available

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