Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Revisiting Old Friends-Part Two

Here are some more bookplates I unearthed while rearranging my collection in new albums.
The designs of these two plates appear to be by the same artist although one is signed by T.Craig and one is signed JDL. They were  mystery plates when I first wrote about them in 2011 and the mystery is still unsolved.

Note From Lew
While I think of it I am long overdue for my annual Ebay listing of 25 very special bookplates. Send me an email and I will notify you when my listings are up and running. If you are particularly interested in a certain artist or theme  advise me accordingly and I will try to include some items for you.

Was Arthur Frisbie an Egyptologist or a Dung Beetle enthusiast ?
The artist appears to be JFK or FJK. Your input would be appreciated.

At first glance you might wonder what's so special about this bookplate ?
It is the story behind private Trumbull that is of interest,  Here is some biographical information
about him from Time Magazine

So he was sentenced to 26 years of hard labor which was reduced to one year and later ran unsuccessfully for congress in 1940.
This sounds like  a John Grisham novel.

Here is one more mystery bookplate.

I'll see you again on Sunday by which time I may have recuperated from waking up in an alternative universe.

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BeauW said...

Wow, that Elon and Mary Gilbert plate is beautiful. I can imagine designing something similar for myself.