Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tips For Building A Bookplate Collection

I just  cold- called* a bookseller and explained my interest in bookplates

  1. make an unsolicited call on (someone), by telephone or in person, in an attempt to sell goods or services.

  2. Then I followed up with this email.
Dear      ,
I am glad we had a chance to chat and I look forward to your response.
Bookplate collecting is my hobby and I am an active buyer.
It's hard to nail down what interests me but this may help.
In the best case scenario an accumulation of loose bookplates or bookplates on detached boards  are preferred.
For bookplates pasted in books here are some of my interests;
Any bookplates which you think are unique or attractive.

Leather bookplates
Angling bookplates
Bookplates used by notable people
Bookplates with Judaica themes

Finely engraved bookplates.
My preference is for books under $25.00 but for 18th century American bookplates  or bookplates used by famous people I am willing to pay
considerably more.
The ball is in your court..
Perhaps you can send scans or descriptions.


I'll keep you updated about the results but in general this approach is productive, sometimes years later.  As an afterthought , I will revise future emails to explain how to recognize universal bookplates and that they are of no interest to me.
Here is a bookplate I just purchased from a dealer who was contacted last week.

Thirty Five + Years of  Experience Condensed in One Article

For those of you who are new to bookplate collecting here is a link that
you will find helpful.

Mystery Bookplate
Does Anyone out there recognize this bookplate ?
This is the first response received 
It was sent by Mike.

Wonderfully odd mystery bookplate
This = This
Buch = Book (German)
Tillhor = Belongs (Swedish)
a' = To (French)
Gurgen ? = Cyrillic
Xrinrints ? = western Armenian

Nothing further I can figure out at this time.  Linguist? Magic?

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