Sunday, December 04, 2016

Request For Dated 18th Century English Bookplates

Fellow Collector Peter Youatt Sent the Following Request.
  I have collected eighteenth century dated English plates since I was a school boy and I hope shortly to be in a position to do an article for The Bookplate  Journal  illustrating one from each year from my own collection.
I have over the years acquired a good number of them,although I have several for some years, there are currently just eight years that have remained elusive. They are 1714;1728;1731;1732;1771;1772;1784 and 1794. To count either the plate must itself be dated or the engraver’s signature must include a date.

If you can assist me I would be most interested in hearing from you.

Peter Youatt

Note From Lew -

 While sorting through my own dated plates  I came upon this one.
 Brian North Lee wrote the following on page 22 in  the March 1998 issue of The Bookplate Journal 
 "John Walford's ex-libris seems milder until one notices the knife in the hand of the cherub at left,who otherwise might seem to be giving a simple anatomy lesson to his fellows, though the one at right is perhaps straining to hear what is being said .Whilst amorini are perhaps more acceptable than human figures in such compositions, it is more comfortable and traditional to see them as harbingers of love"

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