Sunday, April 16, 2017

More Bookplate Odds and Ends

Fellow collector/dealer Jeffrey Price sent me this information about a very special bookplate he recently framed in his Norwalk, Connecticut Studio.

"This is what I look for in a bookplate, and how I like to present such special pieces. .

Bookplate for Calvin Coolidge. Proof printing of the engraving by Timothy Cole. Signed by Timothy Cole and noted, 'this is the latest printed today.' Also signed by Calvin Coolidge. This print was formerly in the collection of Malcolm S. Forbes.

The 'floating' presentation within a patriotic red mat with a decorative inner frame allows the complete print to be displayed with its full margins. The 'Stars and Stripes' design of the frame echoes the flag unfurled around the vignette of George Washington which crowns the plate.

The hand-painted gold-leaf name-plate identifies the details of this fine work."
I am always pleased to receive emails from blog readers.
Anna Jaffe sent me this information.

"I ran into your website which caught my eye as a fellow Jaffe - who used to work at an antiquarian bookstore and designed a few bookplates for customers.
Just for fun, here's a bookplate I bought years ago (hairy guy), plus 2 of my own designs".

"As to my bookplates, I worked for over a decade at an antiquarian bookstore in The Hague (proprietor Bob Loose, now sadly deceased). We had various steady customers who collected specific subjects, as one does. I originally studied Industrial Design and like being crafty, so I'd ask if they'd be interested in a personalized bookplate or stamp, as I love making them. Animals seemed to be the most frequent. I think I've done ants, monkeys, snails, snakes, owls, "levenstrap" (life phases pictured on stairsteps), tiger and probably more. There's something about expressing yourself in a restricted space that I really enjoy."

Many Mystery Bookplates
I purchased a large collection several weeks ago and it includes many bookplates   about which I know very little . Here are two examples.

A rebus bookplate which may be in Spanish.
Have fun with this one. I can use some help.

It would be nice if this was Fidel Castro's bookplate. I suspect it is a tribute plate made to honor him.The collector whose contact information is printed on the verso  shows up on Google at the same address with a telephone number. Unfortunately the telephone number is no longer  working.

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