Saturday, December 21, 2019

And The Contest Winner is

Hi Lew,
Thanks for the contest. I'm going to take a shot at parodying the snooty descriptions seen in some auction catalogs. I'm certain this is not what you were expecting, but that is part of the fun!

Although originally untitled, this masterful woodblock print has become known as "Perhaps a Cat, Maybe a Fish" and is considered one of the quintessential unknown prints of its genre, truly one of the masterworks of contemporary design. It is believed to have been created before the death of the artist, and thus scholars theorize it to be rare lifetime impression, possibly an artist's proof.

The richly-inked cobalt background symbolizes both earth and sky while dramatically contrasting the robust quasi-zoological central figure. The deep carmine of this ambiguous creature becomes ever more intense as it fills the frame, creating not only classic ambiguity in its identification but also a dynamic push-pull of the planar space. The limbs, legs, or wings are constructed entirely of sharp angles, thus more reminiscent of the architecture of Frank Ghery than a polymorphous Anton Gaudi.

The leading caption is cryptic and enigmatic. Read vertically, it is believed to be an acrostic for the phrase "EXhibit LIBeration RISing" though some scholars have put forth other interpretations. The lower phrase "Jan Rhe her gen." continues to baffle linguists, as it has since its creation. There may arise a singular opportunity to acquire this iconic masterpiece, or perhaps not.

All the best,

Jeffrey Price  

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