Tuesday, October 17, 2006

News Flash-Congressman Caught Seducing Pigeons


Congressman X was video taped in Rock Creek Park earlier today holding a bag of peanuts in one hand, while trying to seduce young Pigeons . He was outraged at the suggestion of inappropriate behavior when questioned by reporters and kept mumbling "The Devil Made Me Do It, The Devil Made Me Do It."

That sordid exchange got me thinking about Devil images on bookplates . I also found a Pigeon plate about which I did some research.
Wendell M. Levy Sr. - headed the signal corps pigeon section during World War I and this expertise led him to co-found the Palmetto Pigeon Plant in South Carolina. For additional information go to http://www.palmettopigeonplant.com/
Jane F. Peters - Her bookplate was designed by Charles Henry Carter , an American illustrator.
The bookplate curse was originally from the library of C. J. Peacock. If you want to see more bookplate curses go to www.library.vcu.edu/preservation/curse.html
S. Pritikin - Several bookplates in my collection were designed by S. Pritikin including the one illustrated. All were for men of the cloth. Don't do a Google search for more information unless you are also interested in weight loss.
Leopold A. Chambliss - Bookplate was designed in 1928 by H.Hubert. The quotation is from The Revolt Of The Angels by Anatole France ,Chapter 35 , last sentence.
Jacques Vallee - A true Renaissance man , writer, futurist , venture capitalist and much more. His bookplate is designed around an illustration drawn from The Circus OF Dr. Lao
Rev. Carl E. Peterson- was a bookplate collector. This exlibris was engraved in 1895 by Levy and company .The designer was Bessie Pease Gutmann who is better known for her illustrations of children.
That's all for this week.
Breaking NEWS- 10/24/2006
On Sunday, for the first time in twenty years, Congressman X did not get into his BIG BIRD suit and drive to Rock Creek Park . In fact, he has not been seen since the infamous video tape was shown on The Animal Planet .
It is rumored that the harsh glare of public scrutiny may be too much for him to handle.
Capitol police are puzzled by the following cryptic note found in his waste basket :
Call Junior for name of Ken Lay's Plastic Surgeon
Check to see if Bird seed is available in Bimini

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