Sunday, October 01, 2006

Russian Bookplates plus Odds and Ends

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Russian Imperial Books Collection

I found , quite by accident, a site with a wealth of information about bookplates used in Imperial Russia.This is not an endorsement of the dealer.I know nothing about him but the information is useful. You can see the site by clicking on the orange link above.

In my own collection I only have one Russian Royal plate for Czar Nicolas II. It was designed by Armin von Foelkersam in 1907. My scanner is in need of repair so the colors which are gold, turquoise blue and black are not as striking as they should be.

In The World of Ex-Libris, vol 2 published in 1995 by The Belgrade Ex-Libris Circle I found the following on P.215 : "Two Exlibris of Czar Nicholas II (1868-1918) are known, a small blue circular label with crown and monogram (in two varieties) , and this beautiful ex-libris which was used for the books at the Winter Palace and the Summer Palace with a modified inscription .The palaces suffered during the revolution, and this ex-libris is scarce."

Several years ago I picked up a charming Russian plate which struck my fancy.It is now framed and sits above my desk.When I took it down to scan this morning I found the description in Russian. Perhaps someone out there will be kind enough to translate it for us.

For those of you in the Boston area, the clock is ticking. In about six weeks (November 17 &18)the Boston Book Show and the Ephemera show are taking place.I will be in the area starting November 13th, so if you are a dealer with bookplates to sell or a collector with bookplates to exchange, I would love to hear from you.

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Ester Rodríguez Ro. said...

Thank you very much for see my blog. Yours is very interesting.
I love Exlibris, and I have a important collection of European Exlibris too.

Ester Rodriguez Ro.

HWC-Chizhai said...

Lew Jaffe

I Likes very much your blog. And I must say the bookplates you have there are very elegant, has very many inspirations and the help to me. Thanks!

Greetings from sunny and fragrant Hangzhou, China


exlibrisr said...

the sign reads: Book plate : Tusi Nazvanova
4-grade? 77x80 lit. color. printed in green, gray and gold paints with the image of a toy bear riding on a white horse out of a tent, with a shield and helmet. Signed: "....."

Hope this helps. the grade? - i am not sure what that refers to, sorry. In my flickr collection I have a ton of exlibrises from more contemporary russian ones.