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18th CenturyAmerican Bookplates+Odds& Ends


There is a fuzzy area in eighteenth century American bookplate collecting where two cultures intersect and it's not clear how to categorize some individuals, by country. The Loyalists, for example were American residents who chose to support the British during the revolution.

Many of them eventually fled to Canada or went back to England. Another hybrid group are the Englishmen who had vast land holdings in the Americas or resided in both countries.

Many books have been written about the loyalists and some of the ones I use most frequently are :
The Loyalists of The American Revolution by Lorenzo Sabine.
Divided Hearts Massachusetts Loyalists 1765-1790 by David E. Maas
British- Americans The Loyalist Exiles in England 1774-1789 by Mary Beth Norton
Sir Robert Eden
Last royal governor of Maryland (1768-1776) , resided in England during the revolution, returned to Annapolis after the war ended. REF. Sabine Vol 1, p 402
General De Lancey
Oliver De Lancey ,born in New York in 1717, descendant of a Huguenot family that had emigrated to America, was head of loyalist troops in America, died in England in 1785.
At the time of his death a fellow loyalist said "....There will scarcely be a village in England without some American dust in it, I believe, by the time we are all at rest" Ref.Sabine Vol.1 p.365
Jeremiah Dummer
Born in Boston about 1680 and died in England in 1739 . He was a benefactor of Yale College to which he presented 800 volumes. His dual citizenship is reflected in the motto on his bookplate "Anglus Americanus" Ref. Charles Dexter Allen Early American Bookplates P.195
William Axtell
Born in my old neighborhood, Flatbush, Brooklyn, N. Y.-Was a loyalist colonel , died in England in 1795
Dudleuis Woodbridge
Very rare early plate-land owner in the West Indies ,which at the time was considered part of The Americas Ref. West Indian Bookplates by Vere Langford Oliver P.28
Odds And Ends
Richard Schimmelpfeng is an avid collector who has accumulated many fine duplicate books about bookplates . He is currently selling his duplicates and can be reached at
Stanford University has an excellent bookplate website, well worth a visit:
Biblomania in Schenectady , N. Y. has a number of 18th century bookplates for sale:
Jvarnoso has a new bookplate blog with special emphasis on armorial items-excellent !
I will be in New England during the week of November 13th , prior to attending the Boston shows. If you have bookplates for sale or trade please contact me.
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for reacquainting me with the allure of the bookplate. Your site, as well as the subject matter should come with a warning of addiction! -cw (archaeolibris)

beehive maiden said...

thank you for sharing all this great material! i love ephemera, and will now, thanks to this site, design some bookplates for my nearest and dearest for christmas! i'll package each set beautifully and with a brand new glue stick so that they can start putting them in their books! thanks, again! -heather