Sunday, November 26, 2006

Physician's Bookplates

Dr.Berry lived in Australia and he is reading a book about the preparation of mulch.

I do not know very much about Dr. John.His bookplate was etched and signed by Vondorous in 1915.Since this is a collaborative undertaking perhaps one of you out there in cyberspace can share your knowledge with us. I can be reached at
If you have any physician's bookplates for possible inclusion in this posting please send me a scan.

Dr.Richard Hopping was a proctologist with a sense of humor, who practiced in the state of New Jersey.

Sigmund Freud-Super Star-No Biographical information required unless you are an alien from another planet. Click on images to enlarge

Dr.Thomas Dale practiced in Charles Town South Carolina around 1725. Ref. Annals of Medical History by Robert E. Seibels, M.D. vol.3 NO.1 pages 50-57

Dr.Cutbush (1772-1843) was a graduate of The University of Pennsylvania Medical School and practised in Philadelphia. In 1779, he was appointed surgeon in the U.S. Navy

Henry T. Child was a graduate of Jefferson Medical College (Philadelphia), class of 1843.On the back of my copy there is a pencil notation "Henry L. Stephens Sc." I find no listing for this artist in any of my references. There is reference on p. 350 in Mantle Fielding's Dictionary of American Painters, Sculptors and Engravers for a Frank L. Stephens who was in Philadelphia and was an illustrator and cartoonist known for his caricatures. Further research needs to be done.

I have always been amused by this charming plate for Henrik Stenvald.It was designed by Per Christensen.


Ulla said...

Hello, just found your blog while googling bookplates! What a wealth of information you have, not to mention a fabulous collection!

Old Round said...

And, duh, I know the names are on the plates, but I can't see them so good in the little photos.

Anonymous said...

fantastic, and facinating. thank you! sort of an inkblot for self expression.

Anonymous said...

I am the librarian of the Freud Museum London. I saw the image of the Sigmund Freud ex libris on your site. (26 November 2006 posting).
I wondered if you have information on the whereabouts of any copies of this very rare item. Most are here in the books in Freud's library, but I have also tracked down copies in the Smithsonian and the New York Jewish Theological Seminary Library.
Any information about other copies would be very welcome:
Keith Davies, Freud Museum London