Sunday, November 19, 2006

Cheap Bookstores In Boston

Click On Images To Enlarge. 11/29/06 Steve Beare was kind enough to submit biographical information for
Eman Lycurgus Beck : Born 1875 ,resided in Mexico City and Littleton,New Hampshire,occupation banker--Thanks Steve the input is appreciated.

Click On Images To Enlarge The Burnham book store label came from Tom Boss in Wellesley, Massachusetts.I have been buying bookplates from him for about twenty years and consider him a friend. He has a large number of bookplates for sale, including a recently acquired selection of 18Th century American bookplates many of which came from the Richard C. Lichtenstein collection.

From time to time I have purchased 18Th century exlibris with a lavender colored tissue affixed to the back.It turns out that many of these bookplates came from the Lichtenstein collection. I do not know why Mr. Lichtenstein did this. Perhaps it was for easy identification if they were loaned out for an exhibit.

Tom Boss can be reached at

The Parker bookplate is listed as item 642 in Charles Dexter Allen's Early American Bookplates

It came from the Lichtenstein collection and the background lighting from the scanner creates magical colors in the image because of the lavender backing.The plate is black grey and white.

Whenever I get to New England, The Boston Book Annex at 906 Beacon St is worth a visit. They have an incredible "one dollar room" in which many bookplate treasures have been found. Nothing found on this trip but you can't always hit home runs.

Here is another place to go on your Boston bookplate quest: The Bryn Mawr Bookshop in Cambridge ,Massachusetts.They are located at 373 Huron Ave.On this visit I got a bookplate for
Eman Beck.

A cursory Google search for more information about Mr. Beck led me to blind alleys . If you know something about him please share the information with us.I suspect he may have been a banker.

The best of the best is The Brattle Book Shop at 9 West Street in Boston .The store itself is well stocked , and the employees are very knowledgeable and helpful. .That, in itself is remarkable in this day and age but what is even more remarkable is that the vacant lot next to the shop is filled with rolling carts of books priced between one and five dollars. I have never left that lot empty handed. The Rothermere and Whitney plates were two of the best I found there.
A site for bibliophiles run by a bookseller / collector whose enthusiasm is refreshing.
There are never enough hours in the day but if you like ephemera spend some time here.
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