Thursday, January 04, 2007

Stuff ( Ephemera) Found In Books,Boxes and Shows

Many years ago, I collected bookmarks.In fact, that's how I got interested in bookplates.Most of that collection was sold but I did retain a few unusual items.Here are two aluminum advertising bookmarks circa early 1900s?
Calling cards and other tidbits left in books often leave a snapshot of a simpler time .Read the copy on Dr. Stewart's card.It may bring a smile to your face.

Card Score Counter? About three weeks ago I visited Port Richmond Books here in Philadelphia.The owner, Greg Gillespie lets me go through bags of unsorted books.Here is what I unearthed: a celluloid counter made by Whitehead and Hoag when they were in Newark, N.J.Someone slipped it into a book to mark a page and it remained hidden in the book until I found it.

Click On Images To Enlarge As a kid during the second world war I remember these sorts of images in comic books,posters in class rooms and and newspaper cartoons.The matches are die cut to look like bombs.

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Calling cards are often used as bookmarks.Here are some interesting ones I got at a flea market many years ago.The card below is for Wilcott P. Brooks of Boston, "Natural Seer and Professor of Geomancy.Click on the image to see the details.

When I go to Papermania this weekend, my focus will be on Bookplates but more often than not I wind up buying lots of other stuff just because it strikes my fancy.Trade cards, Rewards of Merit, Watch Papers,Calling Cards, and Do not Disturb signs are just a few of the many things I accumulate. Let's say this is a "show and tell " blog issue and you are all invited to send me scans of your favorite items for posting on the site.Send the scans to

Here are three very interesting sites about bookmarks and stuff found in books:

Here is the website for a bookplate dealer in Germany.

I have purchased from him and was very satisfied.

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