Friday, December 29, 2006


Let me start by thanking the folks at Google for creating this idiot proof system for reaching out to kindred spirits.
At the same time, I want to thank each and every one of you who visit each week. This is really a collaborative effort and I am delighted to receive your comments and scans of your own bookplates.

My Meerkat bookplate arrived yesterday and I have already pasted one in a treasured book and sent some out to collector friends. If you would like to exchange bookplates let me hear from you. My contact email for such things is
The Papermania show is coming up in Hartford Connecticut on January 6th and 7th. If you are in the area be sure to attend .It is one of the best east coast ephemera shows. You can get specific information at
As a direct result of the blog exposure I am in the early stages of negotiation with a British publisher for a book about the bookplates of famous people . My grandmother taught me the essence of a Yiddish word which I will Anglicize Kina Hurra. I think it means something like this :If you are too specific about an upcoming event you may prevent it from happening. It's sort of a precursor to quantum mechanics.
Here's to a happy healthy prosperous new year. See you in 2007
1/31/2006 Mr. Eli D. Goldstein was kind enough to send me the following information:
" The term you refer to as "Kina Hurra" in your blog is actually Kayn ayin hora (from the Hebrew Kayn Ayin Ha' Ra ) and refers to the evil eye (ayin hara) - it is usually used when one for example praises someone but does not want the evil eye to "spoil" the praise e.g. He is such a nice person -"kayn ayin hora". The pronunciation "hurra" instead of "hora" is usually used by Polish Jews"

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