Saturday, February 17, 2007

Airplanes on Bookplates

Hugh Oswald Short was one of the founders of Short Brothers PLC. , the world's first aviation company.His bookplate was designed by Kenneth Hobson
I purchased the May W. Wise plate in England several years ago.It was done in 1926 by a French illustrator , E.Wiralt . This one has everything, a car, a boat ,a ship, a blimp., someone walking and someone on horseback.
Alfred S. Niles (1894-1975) was an author and professor of aeronautic engineering at the Guggenheim Aeronautic Laboratory of Stanford University.I do not know anything about P.W. Lawrence. Click on images to enlarge

I believe, but am not absolutely certain that this engraved bookplate was used by Carl Fisher , the Florida land developer.
Sidney Lawton Smith engraved this bookplate for Amy Bend Bishop in 1909.Click on the image to enlarge and see why S.L. Smith is considered one of the foremost American bookplate designers in the early twentieth century. When I starting researching Amy Bend Bishop, I came away with the clear understanding that she was well bred, and very very wealthy.Beyond that ,some refer to her as a great humanitarian and some refer to her as a virulent bigot. Maybe she was both. One thing is certain she had one of the nicest bookplates Mr. Smith designed. I suspect it is quite rare as I have only seen two in twenty five years.

About twenty years ago Bruce Dey sent me this very striking bookplate which he designed for his own use.

Harold F. Pitcairn (1897-1960) was an American aircraft pioneer who designed and manufactured Auto Giro Rotocraft. He also founded Eastern Airlines. His bookplate was designed by J.E. Caldwell & Co. of Philadelphia.

Earle L. Ovington was the first U.S. airmail pilot.

This posting will be expanded as I have many more images. As always , I encourage active participation from readers like yourself. If you have a bookplate image to share please send it to Bookplatemaven at Hotmail dot com.


tokyocrunch said...

This site has enough design inspiration to last me a lifetime.

Great stuff, Lew, keep it up!

Rosefire Demeteria said...

I sent this on to a bunch of pilots I know. What a treasure! Thank you for discovering and organizing and sharing!