Thursday, February 22, 2007

Gallery of Sacker's Bookplates/

Gallery of Sac's Bookplates

This may be a bit confusing because I have not mastered all that I need to know about links, but it should work. There are two links shown above.. One is about Amy Sacker, who was much more than a bookplate designer. It was created by Mark Schumacher, a reference librarian at the University of Carolina , Greensboro.It is excellently crafted and quite informative.

To the editors of ALA Direct , thank you for the kind words about my blog in your most recent issue. I have linked to your newsletter because most of the topics covered are newsworthy and of interest .

I also want to thank Kier Graff whose blog booklistonline is well worth a visit. The URL is

On Sunday,February 25th, I will be adding some more airplane images along with a newly acquired bookplate by Maynard Dixon. See you then.

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