Sunday, June 10, 2007

Brooklyn, World War Two and Bookplates

The Erasmus Hall bookplate shown above was engraved by Peter Maverick around 1790.
Erasmus Hall has been around since the late 1700's and during that time I am sure many captains of industry, poets . politicians and artists have studied or taught there. Unfortunately, the only famous graduate I know of is Barbara Streisand. Last night , I took a stupid pill and went to see Oceans Thirteen in which Barbara Streisand's ex husband Elliot Gould appeared.It was a terrible waste of time. Save your money and see something else or wait for it to come on HBO.
I will make an effort to list other notable Erasmus Hall graduates and your input is also encouraged. My email is
A list of famous graduates was easy to find. Follow this link:

The Frederick Willis Davis plate was engraved by William Fowler Hopson
I have no idea what a stationary engineer is or does.Later in the day I will look it up out of curiosity.Click on any image to enlarge.
Okay, in laymans terms stationary engineers are responsible for keeping boiler systems running properly.My source is Http://

When we went on a class visit to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens around 1948 or 49 we were shown a century plant in bloom.The next time it blooms my four year old grandson Harrison will be about forty five years old.

I grew up in Brooklyn , New York during W.W.ll when the "Axis Of Evil" were the Germans, Italians Japanese. We used to collect nylon stockings and tin cans , which were brought to to the fire station where somehow they were used to defeat the enemy. Bubble gum was not available because it had a secret ingredient which also was needed for the war effort.
The Brooklyn Dodgers were alive and well and the Dewey Movie Theatre on Coney Island Avenue was so small that they gave away free comic books to the first twenty five kids who left .
I buy bookplates and ephemera with a Brooklyn connection so here is a representative group.

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