Sunday, September 02, 2007

Tales From The Land Of Ebay.

I have owned this bookplate used by The Inland Printer for quite some time and never knew who the artist with the stylized FH (click on image to enlarge) was.Thanks to Tom Boss it has been determined that this plate was designed by Frank Hazenplug.
Click On Images To Enlarge. Last week I visited the bookshop of William H. Allen (Tel. 610 461 8820 )
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In Japan, I believe they would call this establishment a national living treasure.

A well stocked open bookshop in continuous operation for over seventy five years, with a large inventory of scholarly books on art, history and literature , at very fair prices.

The Stanton bookplates which I purchased at Allen's aroused my curiosity.It turns out that Samuel Ward Stanton was a muralist and illustrator who focused on steamboats .His perished aboard the Titanic.The artist for the larger plate (RAW) is unknown to me.

From time to time "association copies" from the library of James Fenimore Cooper are being offered for sale These are not bookplates from the famous writer. They were used by one of his descendants.

I was reading a front page article in the Wall Street Journal on Saturday September 1st.

Let me recreate it as best I can. A woman on her deathbed who was not expected to come out of her coma suddenly was able to utter a few last words to her daughter. Not I love you dear , gasp like it would be in the movies but, be sure to follow my current Ebay bids.

The article went on to give prudent advice.Put all your passwords, PayPal , ATM machine, On line banking etc in writing in a safe deposit box where your next of kin can access them without spending hundreds(thousands) of dollars paying attorneys to sort through the mess.

Here is an actual Ebay message exchange . The seller's headline was "18th C bookplate, Carteret Granville" It did not look right so I contacted the seller and inquired if the item was on laid paper (chain lines which can be seen on 18th century American paper when held to light). The seller responded : "A friend of mine who is very knowledgeable saw it at the auction last night when I bought it and he said it was "right".Whether it was from Carteret's lifetime or several years after that,I guarantee it is period"

If you want to send your own buyer beware Ebay stories without mentioning any specific buyer or seller names I would love to include them in a future posting. Send them to
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Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog and was wondering if you are familiar with a bookplate designer using the initials O.L. Those are the artist's initials on a very interesting 1930s era bookplate I discovered in a 1934 book. It's a really interesting and ornate design, but I can't find out anything about the artist. I notice that you have an uncanny ability to dig up "lost" artist's names, so was hoping you might be able to help me out.


Lew Jaffe said...

Dear Michele,
Off the top of my head I do not know O.L.
Can you send a scan to ?
Lew Jaffe