Monday, January 14, 2008

Bookplate Treasures , The San Francisco Paper Show

I bought a small print (3 3/4 in. by 4 3/4 in.) engraved by Sister Mary Carmelyn out of curiosity. Does anyone out there know anything about her?

Ellen McCarter Doubleday was the wife of the American publisher Nelson Doubleday(1889-1949) After her husband's death she served on the board of Doubleday until 1965.The bookplate was designed by B. Peltz

CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE I had intended to write about bookplates from the Hollywood compost pile but that has been put off for a week because I want to write about San Francisco . Much to my surprise the bookplate hunt at the paper show was most successful. Waiting in line outside the Hall of Flowers was quite pleasant because I was able to observe green Humming Birds within jumping distance of where I stood. What a delight.

The first bookplate I purchased was on a detached cover from the library of John Lewis Childs.
The Closed Gentian is hand painted.
The most exciting find was a group of twelve plates by Dugald Stewart Walker. I have searched the Internet and my own reference library to get more information about Mr. Walker. He may have been a very private person because very little information was found. He lived in Richmond , Virginia (1883-1937) and studied at the New York School of Design.He was best known as a children's book illustrator but did do about forty bookplates.Most were drawn in pen and ink on folio size Bristol boards and reduced for reproduction as bookplates.My observation is that his larger bookplates are more powerful than his smaller ones.
Ref. American Bookplates by William E. Butler p.131-132
The Bookplate Annual For 1925 by Alfred Fowler P 11-13
See you next week.

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