Monday, January 07, 2008

From Hartford to San Francisco/Optical Illusions

Click On Image To Enlarge. The image shown above is a 1908 pencil signed proof by Frederick Spenceley. I plan to put it on Ebay before the day is over. I actually put ten items on Ebay. If you go there my seller name is bookplatemaven.

The American Bookbinders museum has a website with many images of bookbinders labels.The one shown above is my favorite.

Mary was reading Tales From The Time Loop last week and she showed me the floral illustration shown above. Can you see the subliminal message in the image ?

Apparently only 5% of people see it immediately. I could not find it until it was shown to me.

I got back from Papermania late Saturday night and was really dragging my butt on Sunday. I am a day late and definitely a dollar short. The show was very productive. I purchased the plate shown above because it also has an optical illusion. Sometimes you see the owner's name and sometimes you don't.
By the end of the week I plan to be in San Francisco.If you know of any great bookstores in the bay area please contact me .
Next week I plan to write about bookplates from the Hollywood compost pile.


Acquired Books said...

What and interesting bookplate from
Tales From The Time Loop. If you hadn't mentioned that their was a subliminal message I would have never saw it and once I discover it, I wondered how I could have missed it.


Anonymous said...

what is the message? i can't figure it out at all. All i can see is a H. Am i close?

Lew Jaffe said...

I am reluctant to give you any hints.Keep trying and you will eventually see the hidden word.
It's funny, I had not looked at this for over a year and it took me a few moments to find it again.