Sunday, February 03, 2008

Bookplate Odds And Ends

Click On Image To Enlarge -I have listed this etched bookplate for Margaret W. Atwater on Ebay (item # 310020184774) . My seller name is bookplatemaven .The plate was done by Mildred Bryant Brooks. Later this evening additional items will be put on Ebay.

UPDATE it's Monday evening
I have listed 17 items on Ebay. Here is a link that I hope will get you to my listings
Biographic Information:
Mildred Bryant Brooks (1901-1995)Born: Indiana 1901 Died: 1995
Moved with family to Long Beach, California in 1907. Her mother was a painter, her father was a scientist. She graduated “cum laude” in art from University of Southern California, under F. Tolles Chamberlin. She began etching in 1929 studying under Arthur Millier. She taught and lectured on etching and art at Stickney Art School in Pasadena, the Los Angeles Art Institute, Pomona College and University of Southern California. She worked as a Christmas card designer for Chryson’s Incorporated in the 1920s, from whom she acquired an etching press. In the later decades, she also worked as an interior designer and decorator. She was a member of the Pasadena Society of Artists. Her honors, both national and international awards include the California Society of Etchers, San Francisco 1932; Bookplate International Exhibit, Los Angeles 1933; John Taylor Arms Award, Society of American Etchers, New York 1934; Chicago Society of Etchers 1934. She has had many exhibitions including the National Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.,.

Marianne Wurlitzer, the grand-daughter of Rudolph H. Wurlitzer has several books for sale with his engraved bookplate. Her Email is

I will pick up on my series about the Hollywood Compost Pile next week. In the meantime I want to mention a few odds and ends. Dr. Erik Skovenborg collects bookplates relating to medicine , wine, and chess. The link above takes you to his most interesting web site.


Wofgang Rieger is an active bookplate dealer in Germany whose on-line catalog link is shown above.

Charles De Langhe is a engraver in France who does bookplates. I am delighted to introduce you to a young talented engraver.

See You Next Week.

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