Monday, March 10, 2008

The Mabel Westall Pettee Collection

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Bookplate mania in America and England was at it's peak from 1890 to about 1920.That's when the really great collections were formed. Most of them were either dispersed or absorbed into other collections . From time to time an old collection does resurface and last week I purchased a portion of the Mabel Westall Pettee collection. I am unfamiliar with this collector but suspect she lived in the Boston area. She had two bookplates that I know of , one by E. B. Bird and one by Edmund Garrett.
These collections are like old friends because they all came from the same gene pool.Perhaps there were 100 collectors who actively exchanged duplicates and many of the same core plates are to be found in all the collections They were often mounted on 6 inch by 9 inch card stock.
I am still in the process of sorting through them but have scanned some of the the the American plates from the collection which are also illustrated in Charles Dexter Allen's American Bookplates.
Since I already have copies of these plates they will either be exchanged with other collectors or sold on Ebay. More items from the collection will be added throughout the week.
Stay Tuned.
Macbeth, See Allen. P.78 and 352
Hollingsworth ,See Allen P.29 and 355

Courtenay, See Allen P.123 and 356

Hoyt, See Allen, P.366 and 367

Gorman image appears to be the same as Samuel Wesley Marvin
See Allen P.366 and 367

Coffin, See Allen P.374

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Anonymous said...

Lewis, maybe Mabel Westall Pettee is related to Charles H. Pettee (1853-1938), who served the University of New Hampshire for more than 60 years. The online finding aid for the Lewis Stark Bookplate Collection at UNH lists one bookplate of "C.H. Pettee" and another of "M. Westall Pettee."