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Tarzan/Brains/Odds &Ends

Brian J. Bohnett is an author who has been collecting Edgar Rice Burroughs material since he was ten years old . He was kind enough to send me a copy of a letter from Burroughs explaining the symbolism in his "Tarzan" bookplate.If you click on the image it will enlarge.
I may have occasional "senior moments" but I can still recall where I got thousands of bookplates over a thirty year period.The brain is funny that way.The first brain bookplate I purchased was for Harold J. Finder. Other than the fact that he was alive in 1924 I know nothing about him. The second plate I obtained was for Bernard Zufall. He was a performer and memory expert.

I believe Dr. Ward is the Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Washington.
On the back of the Richardson plate a previous owner has made the following notations: "Phila Not Medical ..Recd 1912,Designed C.F. Marple..200 copies and the plate destroyed."

If you have any brain bookplates in your collection send me a scan and I will add them to this posting. My email is

The Philadelphia office for the Obama campaign opened up yesterday and I am going there right now to sign up for volunteer work. Later I will add a few more odds and ends.See you then.
Here is a video clip from Saturday Night Live with a cartoon about Obama.
I belong to a group called The Delaware Bibliophiles. The $10.00 annual membership entitles you to the the Endpapers newsletter which I always read from cover to cover. It is both informative and amusing. This months issue contained some actual Ebay copy that Steve Beare contributed. Here is a portion of his article:

Bidders sometimes ask questions, and sellers can include these in their descriptions along with their answers.
Q: Hi ~ I'm very interested in this auction. I was hoping you could tell me about any significant flaws the interiors of these books may have? I noticed you mention page yellowing, if that is indeed the case… Can you tell me if they an actual tan color or lighter (like a potato chip), and any other significant flaws. I really appreciate your time. Hopefully we’ll talk again!A: Hi. Please understand that this auction is only for Vol II of the set. The title page and inner cover pages are tanned, comparable to a potato chip, but more of a tan than yellow. The inner pages are an off-white with approximately 1/2" of their four edges tanned like the title page.
This is the first time I have heard of page yellowing being compared the color of a potato chip. I suppose one could come up with a scale of yellowing from mild (Pringles) to severe (Velveeta).

Sometimes auctions seem like they are written in another language:
TITLE: doughters of the cross SOUNDNESS OF BINDING: a little lose other than that goodOVERALL CONDITION: 24 pages have some kind of stains they are not that bad i belive becouse the book is so old books that old tend to get this tipes of stains, other than that grea RARE FIND.DISCRIPTION OF CONTENTS: WOW WOW here we have a rare find heroines missionaries of the cross of christ, distinguished wemen who have toiled and sufferd on heathen soil, and have given there all for the cost of the salvation of the lost, here in this book you will read many stories of how they serfferd in preaching the gospel to the lost heathen peaples of this manny countries. look at the pictures for contents.
Despite this frightening description, the book sold for $67.
If you wish to join send your $1o.oo check payable to The Delaware Bibliophiles to
Andrew McKay ,Treasurer, 7 Valley Drive, Newark De. 19711
See you next week.

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