Monday, March 31, 2008

The Enright Collection/The Schrader Collection/The Pierce Collection

Malcolm Enright in Australia was kind enough to send me some information about a very fine collection he recently acquired.The collection was nurtured in the late 1800's and is largely intact in its original display boxes.

Each of the six book boxes is bound with leather and they have gilt lettering on the spines.
The boxes when opened on a flat surface look like this
The bookplates are mounted on folded sheets of paper which fit into the boxes.

Click on images to enlarge. Here are six mostly Jacobean style English plates randomly chosen from one box .

Provenience : The collection was owned by Alexander W. Mackenzie of Columbus , Ohio and changed hands in the late 1950's. In doing some preliminary research I discovered that his wife was a bookplate designer.(Ref.#4938 Bookplates, A Selective Annotated Bibliography of the Periodical Literature by Audrey Spencer Arellanes )

The hand colored plate is a from The Vatican for Pope Gregory XV dated 1621

I purchased the Fred J. Pierce collection of natural history bookplates six months ago and it is slowly being integrated into my collection. The rooster plate was done by Bertha Bates, a student of Howard Pyle and Professor Goldi's tells you much about his life's work in Brazil.

Although my weekly focus is about bookplates , I am very interested in ephemera and the joy of collecting. It is with that thought in mind that I recommend you visit the following site:
One last word : If you are a member of the American Society of Bookplate Collectors and Designers please be sure to complete the questionnaire which was recently sent to you along with The Exlibris Chronicle .We would like to complete the membership directory within three months. If you misplaced the questionnaire send me an email and I will transmit a replacement.
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The Emil Goldi bookplate is mentioned on page 242 in:

The Jungle in Brazilian Modern Design
Paulo Herkenhoff; Kim Mrazek Hastings
The Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts, Vol. 21, Brazil Theme Issue. (1995), pp. 238-258.
Stable URL:

Olli Ylonen