Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Let's Face It Ebay Really Works Well

Here is someting I purchased on Ebay last week which fits in nicely with my collection of bookplates from the libraries of famous people.The plate with the sailing ship is one that Kenneth Roberts (1885-1957) starting using around 1937.Pasted under it was a plate he used in the 1920's . I was able to get several additional copies from the seller and they will eventually be listed on Ebay.
Three generations of Jaffes plus one bear at the Brooklyn Flea on Sunday.

Most people seem to bitch and moan about Ebay but my experience has been much more positive than negative. Sure, there is lots of clutter and misrepresentation but at the end of the day, it works well for buyers and sellers. My friend and fellow bookplate enthusiast Anthony Pincott has listed about twenty bookplates for the Bookplate Society.Here is a link:

I don't have the patience to do searches on Ebay the way I used to but you can sometimes find hidden gems with spelling variations. When time permits I search for bookplate , book plate
ex libris , exlibris etc.

Later in the week I plan to list some bookplates on Ebay and I will add a link for them .
See you next Sunday.

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