Saturday, May 24, 2008

This Week In Bookplates 5/25/2008

On Friday I went to The Archive in Lansdale , Pa.
If you collect ephemera and plan to be near Philadelphia it is well worth a visit. I found among other things , a bookplate from the library of Ellen Doubleday. She ran the company after Nelson Doubleday's death. Click on the image to enlarge and see books by many of Doubleday's authors.The artist's name is difficult to read but it looks like B. Feltt or Peltt.

In the early twentieth century light bulbs were cutting edge technology and worthy of recognition in bookplates. If you can't live without seeing more examples here is a link to a 2006 posting about them.

Henry Ottridge Reik, M.D.(1868-1938) was an author and Ophthalmologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital

Charles Cox is a professional bookseller in the United Kingdom with whom I have had most favorable transactions. He has cataloged and is offering books from John Fowles library with his bookplate. His email is

There is some confusion about who designed John Fowles bookplate. It is attributed by some as having been done by Reynolds Stone but I question this because it is not on any Stone checklists I know of, it does not look like Stone's style and the initials CN or possibly CW can be see on the plate. Here is a link to a very well written article by James Fergusson in the Times Literary Supplement about the John Fowles, Charles Cox, Brian North Lee and the joy of collecting.

Mr.Fergusson also mentions another John Fowles bookplate which Mr. Cox did not find in any of the books he cataloged.

See you next week.

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