Thursday, July 10, 2008

Picasa Album/ Brooklyn Trip/The Inspector General Of Insane

More often than not I update the blog once a week . Since I have been posting information in bits and pieces throughout the week consider this the early Sunday edition. I just got back from a flea market in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia. Fairmount is one of those neighborhoods in which people like me wonder why they did not buy a house there when it was a slum. Now it is very cozy and a nice place to raise a family.Ruth and Ricci Andeer had the good fortune( and good sense) to settle there , raise a family and start a bookstore at 2202 Fairmount Ave. The flea market wasn't very productive so I stopped at their bookshop and found a copy of
Songs Of Kabir by Rabindranath Tagore. The bookplate in it was mildly interesting ( I am going through bookplate withdrawal and needed a fix) plus the inscription called out for translation. Can someone out there assist me? Here is what I have found out about James Kip Finch (1883-1967).He was an important civil engineer , author, and the dean of the school of engineering at Columbia University.

Malcolm Enright, fellow bookplate enthusiast ,blogger. and "jeweller to the lost" recently sent me this breathtaking photograph of Antarctica .

Here is a bookplate to put a smile on your face. I found it on Vanda Symon's blog.

Some people have the single minded ability to muster all their mental resources and focus that energy on a single project for a sustained period of time.That is not the way my mind usually works . I am a mental sprinter . Either I learn something quickly or I go on to another project.

The folks at Google have figured out that there are many people whose heads are wired that way and they design their products accordingly. That is why I am so pleased with the Picasa photo album which I am using in conjunction with an article about Hugh and Margaret Eaton for

The Exlibris Chronicle. The article will be about Eaton designed bookplates but the Picasa Album will encompass all kinds of ephemera which they produced at The Valhall Studio in Brooklyn , New York

This album is a work in progress and much more is to be added in the next few days.

Speaking of Brooklyn, I will be there on July 23rd and 24th on a bookplate expedition. If you are in the area and have bookplates to sell or trade please contact me.


Vanda Symon said...

Thanks for the link to my blog. I'm not sure whether or not to thank you, though, for the introduction to all these websites and blogsites on bookplates. I detect another great way to waste time ogling, when I should be writing!

Linda said...

the "office of the insane" bookplate is really great. I suppose that at the time it was really serious though the poor insane.