Saturday, July 05, 2008

Five Turtles And an Otter

W.R.R. Potter uses a punning bookplate with an otter. After a while many collectors start to focus on collecting certain themes, subjects ,styles, artists etc. I focus most of my collecting time (and money) on 18th century American bookplates and bookplates from the libraries of famous people. By the same token you get caught up in acquiring
"oddball" things like bookplates with turtles. Here is what is in my turtle stash.
Bookplate from the Hermesian Society

Dr.Walton Martin was a surgeon in New York City.

Anyone out there know anything about the owners of this plate?

Albert D. Pierce wrote books about South Jersey and the Pine Barrens. The Mock Turtle is from Alice In Wonderland

Dr. Martin married Charlotte Hunnewell and they lived in Turtle Bay Gardens in New York City.

Here is an interesting article about things found in books.

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Here is an interesting bookplate posting from The Oriental Institute
I saved the best one last: A bookplate slideshow from Keith DuQuette at The Brooklyn Museum.

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Gretchen said...

Great plates, thanks for the link and comment! I like the otter coming through the P -- wish there were an easy way to picture my last name. :)