Saturday, July 19, 2008

Premium or Prize Exlibris/Rewards of Merit

Four 19 th century American Rewards of Merit.Click on Images to Enlarge
When I was a student at P.S.198 in Brooklyn acknowledgement of a job well done was a gold star.
In 18th century England the reward was a bit more elaborate. Here are a few examples from my collection. If you click on the images they can be enlarged. For more comprehensive information about these "Rewards of Merit " you should obtain a copy of Premium Or Prize Ex-Libris by Brian North Lee (ISBN 0 9535008 4 5 ).
Another excellent book by Patricia Fenn & Alfred P Malpa is Rewards Of Merit (ISBN 0-943231-68-X) . It's focus is on American items.The book was remaindered several years ago and is probably still available at a reasonable price.

Lawrence Klimecki ( )

recently completed a bookplate for his own use and I asked him to write about his technique along with a brief biography. Here is his response.

Lawrence Says: July 18, 2008 at 5:35 pm
I work initially in pen and ink. At some point in the design I bring everything into Photoshop for finishing. Finishing can be anything from a slight clean up to arranging different elements into a single composition. I charge $225 for a 3.5″ X 5″ design. Delivered as an electronic file, jpeg or pdf, for easy printing.Bio:Lawrence Klimecki is an artist/designer living near Sacramento Ca. He attended the Academy of Art College in San Francisco where he studied illustration and graphic design. In 1995 he founded Gryphon Rampant, the publishing end of his various projects.Lawrence now focuses primarily on religious and sacred art. He draws inspiration and influence from wide range of sources including Byzantine icons, art nouveau, golden age illustration, and contemporary graphic design.

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Content in a Cottage said...

Lew...I am enjoying your blog very much and I added you as a permanent link on mine. I collect antiquarian books and so many of them have wonderful bookplates. I recently posted one of them and hope you will take a look...Best regards, Rosemary