Saturday, November 22, 2008

Clutter In Bookplates

A. M. Pate, Jr. was a Fort Worth businessman and philanthropist. "Aggie" Pate was involved in many history related activities including the founding of the Pate Museum of Transportation and the Fort Worth Civil War Round Table. He had a strong interest in encouraging research and scholarship and supported a number of institutions of higher learning including Texas Christian University and Texas Wesleyan.
I am guessing that Bill and Betty Covington wanted to capture their lifestyle on a bookplate sometime in the 1930's . Perhaps clutter is not the right word to use as the plate is charming and certainly more enjoyable than the home movie they may also have made.

The most cluttered bookplate award goes to Sir Francis Fust. The information about him was copied directly from British Bookplates A Pictorial History* by Brian North Lee.
*If you are building a bookplate reference library this book should be in it.

Click on the image to enlarge A Cartoon which appeared in the March 5th, 1938 issue of The Saturday Review of Literature . It started me thinking about cluttered bookplates and was the inspiration for this week's posting.

That's about it for this week . If I can think of any thanksgiving bookplates I will add them later in the week.

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