Sunday, November 30, 2008

Clark Gable Was A Book Collector/Who wasMontgomery Major ?

Audrey Arellanes used to live near Hollywood and would come up with remarkable celebrity bookplates for exchanges. From what I recall Clark Gable had a very fine collection of books about fishing. According to Audrey's notes she originally got the Kathleen & Clark plate from Justin Turner who was Gable's attorney in the 1960's . Kathleen Gable was originally Clark Gable's dramatic coach. I got the later Gable plate from James Pepper in Santa Barbara, California. He tends to get celebrity libraries.

My educated guess is that Wilfrid M. Langdon is English. His plate was done in 1908 and the artist's initials are A.W. Does it look familiar to you ? I've scanned four unidentified plates today and your input would be appreciated.
There was a California poet with the name Bernice Long Wright. Perhaps this was her plate. Do any of you know the artist whose initials are R L (click on image to enlarge).
If you have unidentified bookplates send me a scan and I will try to assist you.The Reed bookplate is signed FZ. Can anyone identify the artist or the owner ?

I have scanned several unidentified bookplates and hope that one of you may know something about them. The Montgomery plate is signed Fox . Cursory Google searches were not very helpful.There is something hauntingly addictive about the image.I paid far too much to obtain it because I was drawn to it like a magnet.
Update 12/1/2008
Fellow bookplate enthusiast Jim Lewis sent me the following note:
"There was a Montgomery Major who was a big shot in the chess world sometime back...
Could that strange looking person in the plate be reaching for a chess piece just out of view ?"
I tend to focus on American and English bookplates but there are many active collectors in the rest of the world . The link below will give you access to bookplate news from around the world.

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