Saturday, February 07, 2009

Collector Profile,Nina Allen/More Punning Bookplates

Woodcut by Andy English

Occupation: I teach American literature at Suffolk University in Boston, and so it’s no surprise that both of my personal bookplates reference literary works. The one shown here is a wood engraving designed by Andy English. The quote, “All goes onward and outward,” is from Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself.” One day I may write an article about the slouch hat in American literature, but in the meantime I’ve put the hat in my bookplate because it became Whitman’s signature piece from the moment Samuel Hollyer engraved his portrait for the frontis of the first edition of Leaves of Grass (1855). Hollyer also designed and engraved numerous bookplates, several of which are in my collection.

Collecting Interests: My collecting interests are pretty much all over the map. One of my favorite bookplates is a 1925 wood engraving designed by the New Zealand printmaker Stephen Champ for Jane Mander, who was a New Zealand novelist.

More Punning Bookplates-Since I wrote about punning bookplates several weeks ago, a few more have been unearthed.

Dr. A.W. Clark uses a distinctive cipher which is hidden in the cliff on the punning plate for Helen and George Beach.

The Steele plate was done by Fred Thompson

I do not know who did the Weed plate.Personally, I like Thistles and have never thought of them as weeds.

The Muriel Clark Corby plate was done by John Berryman

Plate For Austin Jenkins Lily

The George F. Baer plate was done by Will Jordan


Odds and Ends
The bookplate contest is alive and well. See last weeks posting for all the details and send in your entry before it's too late.

I listed 25 bookplates on Ebay . Here is a link:

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Vanda Symon said...

The Jane Mander book plate is lovely. Good to see you have some New Zealand bookplates in your collection. I'll add to it as soon as I'm sorted.

I've enquired into commissioning a book plate with a couple of local artists, but the prices quoted were a little out of my budget.