Saturday, January 31, 2009

Collector Profile Jim Lewis/ Bookplate Contest

Occupation: Although I am now retired, I was a commercial photographer specializing in architecture and product illustration.
I also taught college level product illustration and design.

Collection Interests: Over the years I have collected leaf books, photography , prints, miniature books and bookplates. My main bookplate interests are E.D. French and California plates.I have 250 of the approx.300 bookplates that E.D. French produced , leaving me working on the remaining plates that are proving to be scarce or impossible to find. My California collection fills three fat albums and continues to grow. I also collect in other categories including plates illustrating reading and books, the personal plates of Irene Andrews Pace, pictorial plates by W.P.B. and well-known people.
I currently have in-press, a miniature book about the Estelle Dohney leather bookplate. It is being printed letterpress by the Ascensius Press and bound by Gray Parrot. The book will include a short essay about the plate and each volume will have an original Doheny plate tipped in.



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Last year I held a bizarre bookplate contest which generated quite a few entries. I was unable to think of something different until I spotted this shoulder tattoo.
This years contest is very simple. Send me the word(s) that you think should be on the blank line of the shoulder tattoo

Your entry can be clever,witty, profound , inspiring etc , one word or many.
The judges (Mary and I ) will select a winner when the contest ends on March 2nd.
The winner will receive an engraved bookplate by Frederick Spenceley for President William Howard Taft.
All the collector profiles received so far have been from collectors here in the states. If you are in Europe, Asia, South America ,Australia or somewhere else send me a paragraph or two about yourself and your collection . I may edit it somewhat and send the revisions to you for approval.

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