Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mac Harshberger/Visiting the Twilight Zone in Boston

These bookplates are by Mac Harshberger . It is always great fun to learn about someone with talent about whom you previously knew nothing. Here are some other images of his artwork along with background information about him..

I will be heading into the twilight zone this week , revisiting some places that have managed to resist change for many decades.
My ultimate destination is the book show in Braintree Mass. on Saturday May 2nd.
Tom Boss has set aside some original artwork by Mac Harshberger which I am tempted to buy.

Here are some of my special stops along the way:

The Busy Bee Diner in Brookline , Mass..

I always expect Rosie the waitress to take my order.

The food is exceptional and Thursday nights they serve a New England Boiled Dinner

The Brattle Bookshop in Boston
This shop was established in 1825 .
If you plan to visit go on a clear day as they put many one dollar and three dollar books in carts on the vacant lot next to the store .

I am too antsy this morning to sit at the keyboard and its a beautiful spring day so this entry is somewhat brief.I will try to add to it later in the day.

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