Saturday, April 11, 2009

Unidentified Bookplates

Evey once and a while I check to see how this blog is growing and here is an overview.On average, one hundred people visit the site everyday. That number has been fairly constant. Most of the hits come from Google searches plus links from related websites and blogs. In addition, seventy people subscribe via Feed Burner and their competitors.That is the number that impresses me because it has grown so rapidly.The greatest percentage of viewers are from the U.S. followed by the U. K. and Canada.

I have accumulated a good many bookplates that remain unidentified even though the artist's signatures are visible. If you recognize any of these please let me hear from you. If you also have unknown items in your collection send me a scan and I will try to include them in a future posting. With the power of the Internet this could be of great value in speeding up the identification of puzzling bookplates.

The plate is for Wilfrid M.Langdon


The link above will take you to an excellent site to see what people are collecting in addition to bookplates. It is well researched and very enjoyable.
See you next week.

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PrivateLibrary said...

Bookplates remain one of the absolute best resources for provenance research!