Saturday, July 18, 2009

This Week in Bookplates 7/19/2009

Sometimes I forget, but one of things I try to ask booksellers is whether they have a box of ephemera. This week I visited a shop in Doylestown ,Pennsylvania and found this bit of ephemera done by Leonard Baskin. It has the same image he used on a bookplate for Frederick Cleveland Mitchell ( Fern & O'Sullivan #385 )* Here are a few more Baskin bookplates. *I do not know of any complete checklist of Baskin bookplates. The Complete Prints Of Leonard Baskin by Alan Fern and Judith O'Sullivan is an excellent reference and includes some of his bookplates .

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If you have any Baskin bookplates for sale or exchange I would like to hear from you.

One of the things that amused me in Doylestown was a law office I passed on South Clinton St.
The name of the firm and I kid thee not is Angst &Angst

I received this announcement from fellow bookplate enthusiast Jim Lewis I have just had a miniature book 3" X 2" printed letterpress and hand-made paper by the Ascensius Press in Maine. It is limited to 50 copies and the binding is by Gray Parrot, also of Maine. The subject of the book is the Estelle Doheny leather bookplate and in each copy of the book is tipped an original example of the plate.

They are $50 each and copies can be ordered from
Jim Lewis
10 Chestnut St. #2110
Exeter, NH 03833
Please send check or cash in US$ only.


Fellow collector Jose Vicente De Braganca has an excellent bookplate blog. Here are some of his postings on American bookplates.

That's about it for this posting. See you next week.


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