Sunday, July 12, 2009

Universal Bookplates/Goodbye Twitter

Universal bookplates enable you to insert your own name . They are affordable and available on line or at major bookstores. Daniel Mitsui sent me a cleverly designed universal bookplate and yes there is only one path from start to finish.You can see several of his designs at
Once I started thinking about the subject I decided to select some of my favorites from this category.Here goes:
This art-deco plate is at the top of the list.

The one below was done by Rustcraft

The one below by Antioch Bookplate Company was given to my brother Arnold at his Bar-Mitzvah by our mother.

The next three are circa 1840

This week I pulled the plug on my Facebook and Twitter accounts.
Call me a Luddite but Twitter never made sense to me and Facebook just seemed too contrived for me .
See you next week.

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