Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bookplate News From Around The World

I have never come away from Papermania without a few interesting items and yesterday was no exception. Typographical plates with printers devices are always of interest so I purchased this one by an unknown designer. The biggest surprise was a treasure trove of watch papers from the early 19th century. The G.Brown watch paper was engraved by Hugh Anderson .

Claus Wittal has just sent out his online sales catalog.It is well laid out and you can make selections by artist and theme. Here is a link:

Fellow bookplate collector John Titford has just completed a dictionary of British Surnames which can be pre-ordered at Amazon. Here is some general information:

The Penguin Dictionary of British Surnames by John Titford is a guide to the surnames that offer a unique insight into the place of origin, the occupations -and even the personality traits - of our ancestors.
- Contains more than 10,000 surnames, from Abbatt to Zouch
- Explains how our names reflect Britain’s past
- Covers surnames taken from places, occupations, nicknames and first names
- Includes the development and variation of many names

Here is a link to be notified when the book is published.

That's about it for now.

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