Saturday, August 08, 2009

Olive Percival plus A Few More Hamill Plates

Here are two more Hamill plates in addition to the ones posted last week. The Ariel plate is tiny

1 inch wide by 1 1/2 inches high. Does anyone out there know who designed it ?

Olive Percival was among other things a bookplate collector and a bookplate designer who lived in California. Quite honestly , I never knew much about her until I recently purchased a Christmas Card she designed in 1920. It amused me so I did some research.
Jim Lewis reminded me that the 1995 Yearbook of The American Society had an excellent article about Olive Percival written by Audrey Arellanes.
Here is a link which outlines her many interests.

Papermania is coming up again in about two weeks.It is one of the best east coast ephemera shows and well worth the trip to Hartford Conn.

Here is a link:

Here is a link to another new bookplate blog :

One last thing before I sign off. Here is a way to fine tune Google so that your bookplate research is much more efficient. Google has a subset called Google books. If you put E.D. French into Google you find out he was in the make up department for Terminator 2 , a location scout, and is listed in Linkedin. If you do the same search in Google books you find reference to his participation in a loan exhibit of bookplates held in Boston.
See you next week.

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