Saturday, August 29, 2009

This week in Bookplates 8/29/2009

Every month I receive a list of bookplates for sale from Wolfgang Rieger. My purchases are infrequent since I do not actively collect European bookplates . This morning I did purchase this Jack Dempsey plate to add to my group of bookplates from the libraries of famous people. The plate was designed by Walter Helfenbein in 1923. It is illustrated on p.238 in The World Of Exlibris Volume 2. There is a strong probability that this is a "pseudo exlibris " . That is, a plate designed without the knowledge or consent of the owner. I like the plate and do not really want to know if Jack Dempsey ever saw it. On the other hand, if you have proof positive that Jack Dempsey actually used it , let me know.

I have a bookplate puzzle.Who was William Benjamin Munson ? Before you go rushing over to Google let me mention that the most prominent individual you will find with this name was a bigger than life Texas attorney/ railroad tycoon. At first I thought he was the owner of this plate but on closer inspection I found hidden monkeys in the design and it doesn't fit the Texan's profile as I understand it.

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I received a letter from a new collector asking how to find bookplates not attached to a book. This was my response :

Here are some ways to obtain unattached bookplates :

Find a hand bookbinder, especially one who has been in business for many years.
They often hold onto loose bookplates and might be willing to sell them to an enthusiastic new collector.

If you join the bookplate society you will eventually meet other collectors who have bookplates for sale or exchange.

Talk to your local used bookseller.

Talk to your local librarian

Look on Ebay

Go to library book sales

Join the Exlibris group at Yahoo

Look up bookplate removal on Google if you find a book with a bookplate and want to remove it .

Send me your mailing address and I will send you a few bookplates.

Good luck in your quest.
See you all next week.

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