Sunday, December 13, 2009

Theatrical Bookplates Act Four ,Scene One

David Garrick's plate was engraved by John wood.
Click on Images to EnlargeJohn Drinkwater's leather bookplate was designed by his cousin G.C. Drinkwater

This is scene one because I have a good many theatrical plates from the U.K. and not enough time this morning to scan them all . On Wednesday, I will add scene two when I return from seeing Santa Claus at Macy's in New York City. Little Harrison is starting to question Santa's credentials; However, my daughter Moira is expecting in May so next year there will still be at least one true believer .

Gertrude Lawrence had two bookplates .One that was made for her in the 1920's or 30's as shown below. The artist is unknown to me.The second bookplate was used after her marriage to Richard S. Aldrich.

Received the following from fellow collector Bob Weinberg:

Dear Lew--After I graduated from Colorado Univ. in the summer of 1948, and having lots of time left on the GI Bill, I decided to go to the Sorbonne in Paris. On the SS Mauritania, I met Gertrude Lawrence and danced with her in the Salon Class ballroom. I was traveling steerage but met her through an English woman I met on board.One of the most magical moments of my life-- B

Sir Henry Irving's plate was designed by Sir Bernard Partridge.
Sir John Gielgud had two bookplates. This one was used around 1938 .The second one was used later in his life and is heraldic. I do not have a copy and would like to purchase one.
The artist's initials for Henry Urwick's plate are GHH .
Several weeks ago Tom Boss
had a copy of William Charles Macready's plate for sale

Intermission. See you on Wednesday.

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