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Theatrical Bookplates Act Three

Johnstone Beech is my mystery bookplate. Does anyone recognize the name? When I wrote about another mystery bookplate two weeks ago I mentioned the Dewey Theatre. Even as a ten year old growing up in Brooklyn I recognized the Dewey Theatre for what it was, a dump.
The attraction was that the first 25 kids to leave the movie received a comic book.
In 1938 Dick Rickard directed Ferdinand The Bull for Walt Disney and won an Academy Award.

Lawrence Shubert Lawrence, Jr.( b. circa.1916 - d. Jul 18, 1992 Boca Raton, FL, USA ) Male
Manager, Producer
Also known as:

L. S. Lawrence, Jr.

Grandnephew of Lee Shubert Grandnephew of J. J. Shubert Second Cousin of John Shubert Son of Lawrence Shubert Lawrence, Sr.
Additional Information:

headed Shubert Organization 1962-1972

The Yale Dramatic Association plate was designed by Max O. Parry.

The National Vaudeville Association plate was designed by Roy Van Nice

The plate for The New Theatre in New York City was engraved by J. W. Spenceley

The Hebrew Actors Club was located at 31 east seventh st. in New York City

Augustin Daly (1838-99) was an American theatrical manager and dramatist.
He established Daly's Theatre on Broadway .

Ruth St.Dennis and Ted Shawn were dancers and directors and they shared a bookplate.
This is the third my third posting about theatrical bookplates. There is an excellent book on this subject called B├╝hen-Bilder Exlibris rund ums Theatre by Ulrike Ladnar & Heinz Decker.
It is written in German , which I do not read ,but it is still an excellent reference because it has hundreds of color illustrations. You should be able to order a copy at
Next week I plan to write about theatrical bookplates from The United Kingdom.
Scans from your collections for inclusion would be appreciated. Send them to
See you next week.

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