Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Orleans and Bookplates Part One

 About nine years ago  I went to New Orleans on a business trip and stayed over a weekend to do some bookplate hunting, It was before hurricane Katrina and Bush did their damage.What I remember was the great number of  bookshops, the friendly booksellers and very inexpensive pricing. The Lawrence Fisher /Louis Andrews plate was one I purchased.on that trip.They were costume designers for the Mardi Gras.
.  New Orleans ,  the home of  Newcomb College and The Newcomb Art Pottery nurtured many female artists .  Some of the instructors and their students also designed bookplates.A most useful book about the pottery and the designers is Louisiana's Art Nouveau,The Crafts of The Newcomb Style by Suzanne Ormond. There are too many designers to cover in one posting so I will focus on  bookplates by  Anne McKinney Robertson (1887-1959)  and continue with other designers next week. If you have any bookplates by this artist which are not shown here please send scans to so they can be included..
See you next week.

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