Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bookplate Exchanges

Hi Lew, I imagine this bookplate is old news but your Kent Odds and Ends prompted me to once again admire and reminisce about this beautiful little gift from Helen Farr Sloan in 1998. Designed by Joan Sloan and pencil inscribed by Helen with a gentle hand. Thanks again for sharing your fascinating world. Paul Thanks to Paul Davis for sending this Rockwell Kent information.
I don't have the precise words in my vocabulary to describe the pleasure I get from exchanging duplicates with other collectors so I will rely on the words that come to mind, fulfilling, gratifying and pleasurable. This week I received an exchange package from a fellow collector and here are a few of the items I selected:In 1919 The Union Pacific Railroad commemorated the 50th anniversary of the completion of the first transcontinental railway system . This bookplate was designed for the celebration.

Leslie Henderson was a Philadelphia artist who designed this bookplate for himself.

I don't know anything about this hand colored punning bookplate.

The Newmans I am told were book collectors who used a Will Bradley image for their plate.

Charles B. Keeler (1882-1964) was a painter/ etcher who lived in many places and settled in California around 1921. I have no idea if he designed any bookplates .
If you are interested in exchanging bookplates I would like to hear from you. Here is my contact information
See you next Sunday.
P.S. Claus Wittal's new list of bookplates for sale can be viewed at

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Vanda Symon said...

Hi Lew,

I'm still in the process of designing myself a bookplate, and hopefully making it myself, but I keep seeing these wonderful things on your blog, and then being paralysed by indecision!

Maybe I'll have to design a series, one for the crime fiction, one for non-fiction, another for all of the cook books...