Monday, April 12, 2010

The Rockwell Kent Mystery Continues

In response to last week's posting about the Perry Molstad plate I received one response from an advanced collector who was certain the plate was not done by Kent and one from an equally knowledgeable collector who assured me it was a Kent plate. To put the matter to rest I sent an Email to Don Roberts the author of Rockwell Kent The Art Of The Bookplate . He has to sort through some stored files and will get back to me . In reviewing my Kent collection I came across three bookplates by Chris Kent , Rockwell Kent's grandson.Here is a link to an article by Scott R. Ferris about him and the artistic heritage of Rockwell Kent:

By coincidence a copy of the Perry Molstad plate from the William Spangler just sold on Ebay for $50.99
The Spangler collection of Kent plates is being offered on Ebay in dribs and drabs.Prices realized are very strong ranging from $20.00 to $90.00
This morning I received this email from fellow collector Ollie Ylonen .The second link mentioned  in his message is quite interesting especially if you like decorative bindings

Dear Lew,
Your question about a possible Rockwell Kent sent me googling around.
Some vague references are for a Perry Molstad bookplate made by Thomas Maitland Cleland

("With the bookplate of Perry Molstad (designed by T.M. Maitland)"

Publishers Bindings Online

 tells that Cleland's monogram was c (and there is a photograph of one such

I came back from the New York City Shows late Saturday evening and got up at the crack of dawn on Sunday to attend a flea market so I am one day late in getting out this posting.On Wednesday I will post something about what I found .See you then.

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