Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Recent Finds In New York and Pennsylvania

I have been buying lots of things lately which means I better get off my butt and start selling a few duplicates on EBay.The English ceramic tile was purchased at a local flea market.The Wylly Folk St.John Plate was an EBay find. She was a a writer of children's mystery stories who lived in Georgia. An Aubrey Beardsley illustration with the head of John the Baptist from Oscar Wilde's Salome was chosen for her bookplate.
At the New York book shows I purchased a new year's card designed by Anton Burka in 1929.
PF (pour féliciter ) cards were sent out by European bookplate collectors and designers.

The Carl Getz bookplate is from the Yale bookplate collection .It is one I would like to get some day.
The Malcolm M. Ferguson plate has been in my collection for several years and the "I will protect my book " plate was purchased from Tom Boss at the New York Book show.
My gut tells me these threatening plates are effective.

I will be back on schedule on Sunday. See you then.

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