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Antioch Bookplate Company Artists

Antioch Style 7y53 Antioch Style7y51
Antioch Style7y52 Antioch Style7y54

Antioch Style7y55 Antioch Style 7656

Antioch Style7y58 Antioch Style 7y59

The six bookplates shown above were designed by Rockwell Kent and sold by the Antioch Bookplate Company.
Not that long ago you could walk into almost any bookshop and buy a boxed set of Antioch bookplates.They were tasteful and inexpensive. Over the years Antioch commissioned many artists including Rockwell Kent and Lynd Ward. Those bookplates are now part of our cultural history. There are many unrecognized forgotten artists who also contributed to Antioch's inventory and I hope to write about them them as they are unearthed. Let's start with Ilene Ledere .
She designed several Antioch bookplates in the 1970's . I wrote to her inquiring about them and her fee for bookplate design. Her replies are noted below.

"I managed to locate the old art for those bookplates which were done for Antioch Press in 1973.
I have since gone on to do illustration in many different venues from editorial to books and writing.
One file shows concepts submitted; the other shows the original art and printed bookplate for
the one design AP finally chose. There's not much to say except that it took quite some time for me to secure the commission, many portfolio exchanges and conversations.
It was a project I'd wanted to try my hand at and would love to do others if
the opportunity presents."

In response to my question about the cost of designing a bookplate the response was as follows:
"Thanks Lew.
Setting a price on a bookplate design of course depends on the variables involved. Will the design be rendered in full color, black+white? I must consider the level of detail being rendered and use of font; does the client wish to use an existing one or one that I would design to suit the illustration? An additional factor is size of the edition; would my design be required for a private or public library and would any reproduction rights beyond the bookplate itself be involved? There is also the issue of ownership of the design itself which may be negotiable and the turn-around time schedule for delivery of artwork.
My agents, Sally Heflin of Heflinreps in the US and Kit Killington of Killington Arts in the UK/Europe handle my assignments and these are questions they would likely wish answered before engaging my services. Their contact information are included in the links below that you may post at your blog:
Ilene Winn-Lederer Illustration
USA: Heflinreps: (201) 944.6058
UK: Killington Arts: (020) 8464 3695
New Books:
Ilene "
If you are a former Antioch bookplate artist or know of one please contact me.Thanks.
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