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This Week in Bookplates 11/20/2010

Bookplate by the late Daniel De Bruin

" The bookplate of John Brooks Henderson (1826-1913). Henderson was a senator from Missouri. He also studied mollusks and even published papers on them. Politicians like him are nonexistent these days." This bookplate and a different one were on a blog about snails, slugs and related sea creatures.

The Bookplate Of Lionell Copley, Royal Governor of Maryland ?

A few weeks ago a Lionell Copley bookplate was sold on Ebay for $15.18

This was the description:

"Jacobean Armorial bookplate inscribed Lionell Copley Esqr. Not in the Franks Collection.

According to Thomas R Young's "Yorkshire Bookplates", the arms are of Copley quartering Bosville, Hardwick and Copley with Black? on an escutcheon, and impaling Black? We are further informed that on the death in 1709 of Sir Godfrey Copley Bart (the celebrated FRS after whom the Royal Society's Copley Medal is named) his Sprotborough, Yorkshire estates devolved on Lionel Copley of Wadworth (d.1720), a distant cousin, who was probably the bookplate-owner.

Entries in the IGI record Lionel (1677-1720) as being born and dying at Sprotborough, that his parents were Lionel Copley and Ann Boteler and that he m.1699 Mary dau of John Wilson (he was b.c.1643) of Burrell, Bedale, York. So it seems that the arms both in pretence and impaled are those of Wilson, not Black, but there is no explanation for the peculiar treatment of the wife's arms appearing both impaled and on an escutcheon.

Dimensions of paper: 100x80mm

Condition: Good"
This week a second (identical) Lionell Copley bookplate was sold on Ebay with this description :


I am the first one to admit to my lack of knowledge about heraldry. It is possible that both descriptions are correct or that the second description may be incorrect. In any event, two bidders got into a pissing contest and the plate sold for $73.00
Anthony Pincott, who is the expert on such matters was kind enough to send me this additional information after I sent him my outline for this posting:
Thanks for your note. It is all too easy for a bookplate to be attributed to a famous man rather than to a less famous namesake. We see this, for example, with bookplates for Richard Brinsley Sheridan, Ernest Shackleton, John Rogers (recently on eBay) and now this Copley one.

1. The Maryland governor died on 27 Sept 1693, about 20 years before the bookplate could have been engraved.
2. The Maryland governor married 20 June 1676 Ann Boteler of Walton, Woodhall, Hertfordshire.
3. The wife’s arms on the bookplate are evidently those of Wilson (certainly not Boteler, and not Black).
4. Given that Sir Godfrey Copley dates were c.1653-1709 he could not have left his Sprotborough estate to the Lionel who was governor of Maryland.

The correct owner of the bookplate (which is Not in Franks but is V.950 in the Viner Collection) is Lionel b.16 July 1677, d.25 Dec 1720, who m. Mary Wilson. He was the eldest of the three children of Lionel (governor for a very short time) and Ann Boteler.
It saddens me to report that Daniel DeBruin died on October 19th. We exchanged bookplates from time to time and he was an exceptionally talented heraldic bookplate designer . His good friend Robert Wooten, the executive director of The American College of Heraldry has uploaded a memorial website in which he has has posted all known exlibris by Daniel De Bruin. Here is a link: Please take the time to click on to it . Mr. DeBruin's body of work was remarkable.
I have noticed an uptick in the number of new collectors bidding on Ebay. This is music to my ears as we are on the endangered species list put out by the U.S. Department of Obscure Hobbies.
If you are a new collector and would like to have a "collector profile" on my blog send an email to me with a paragraph or two about yourself and your collection. My Email is
See You next Week.

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