Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mystery Bookplates and a Few Links

Here is a mystery bookplate , the designer's name is Fox and I assume it is either English or American.
The second mystery bookplate for Wilfrid M. Langdon was designed by A.W. in 1908.I may be steering you in the wrong direction but it originally came with a group of bookplates from Cleveland ,Ohio

Several weeks ago I purchased this bookplate in Boston and posted it on the blog asking for some information about the owner and the artist. With help from the Google Detective Agency and dumb luck the mystery has been solved. The artist Maurice Sullivan was a physician in Baltimore, who prior to marrying Beatrice Adams designed a bookplate for her. At the time she was a social worker so Dr.Sullivan depicted a woman helping a man in distress.

Brian Whitley is an enthusiastic new collector who recently started a blog about bookplates.

Dr. Wolfgang Rieger is a bookplate dealer in Germany who from time to time sends out a catalog:

This one has nothing to do with bookplates but if you are amused by the covers on pulp fiction magazines follow this link:
There is an upcoming book and ephemera show in Hanover New Jersey on December 3rd & 4th
Next week I hope to do some big time trading with a collector flying in from The Promised Land
Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend.

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