Saturday, January 15, 2011

Biblio Mysteries

The Ruth and Andy Mystery
I got this on Ebay from a dealer who called it a bookplate . Before it arrived I thought it was a coaster but the paper is too thin so I am open to the possibility that it might be a bookplate. There are some stains on the reverse side that might have been from glue .The dimensions are 5 inches wide and 4 1/2 inches high. The designer Geovil Nereim completed it in 1943. Both the designer and the owners lived in Illinois and Andy probably was a lawyer who attended The John Marshall Law School.
If you want to enlarge the image click on it. If you have the time and inclination to do further research send it to me and your reward will be some bookplates of my choice.
The Rolland L. Comstock Murder Mystery.

Rolland L Comstock was a successful attorney in Missouri who was an fanatic book collector.He built a two story library addition to his house to display his 50,000 books. This is not some Cliff Janeway murder mystery. In 2007 he was assassinated in his home-Multiple gunshot wounds and no forced entry. The case is still open and unsolved.
This was the bookplate he used.
Here is a link with some updates about the Comstock murder :

Here is an excellent link from Wheaton College with digitized images of the bookplates by Allen Lewis (1873-1957). He is one of my favorite bookplate designers.

On January 19th there will be an auction in Israel which includes a major collection of Judaica bookplates ( lots 209 through 213). Here is a link.
Fellow collector Jim Lewis just advised me that the bookplate collection at The Los Angeles Central Library has been digitized.Here is a link:
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