Thursday, January 06, 2011

Collector/Dealer Profile Jacques Laget

Here is a photo of my home and office 70 km south-west from Paris with the people who worked with me till 2003 when I retired.

Now, I work as an expert for auction sales in in Paris.

How I Got Started Collecting Bookplates

As antiquarian bookseller since 1963, I was interested in the history of private libraries.

I began to collect French bookplates in the 60’s and bought several collections. Before long, I had a good many duplicates, and also quite a few foreign bookplates.

My Collection

I own around 25000 French bookplates from the XVIIth to XXth century . I also kept a few XVIth & XVIIth foreign plates (one engraved by Dürer).

How I Started Selling Duplicates
As the number of my duplicates was always increasing, I began 3 years ago to sell each week around 20 or 30 French bookplates on Ebay. Last year I tried to exchange around 8000 foreign against a large French collection but without success, so I decided to build a website where I could sell them.

Here is a link to my website :


Note -I posted this earlier than I had planned because ,this week Mr Laget has listed about 100 American bookplates on his website in the "new" section .
I hope some of you will find some treasures.
I have purchased bookplates from Mr. Laget frequently and he is a most professional dealer who responds quickly.
See you next week.

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